Auto Insurance

Whether it’s your everyday driver, a classic or exotic car or a recreational vehicle like RV’s, golf carts, or motorcycles, Prizm has a solution.

With all the auto insurance options available in the market, understanding the differences can be overwhelming.

Those differences, though overwhelming and sometimes confusing, are also where Prizm diverges from mass market carriers to ensure its customers are best protected. Just as you may need specialized high-value home insurance coverage, so may your vehicle. Most importantly, after an accident, you want peace of mind knowing your vehicle has been repaired precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Coverage Highlights

Agreed Value Coverage - Your coverage provides peace of mind by allowing you to replace a totaled vehicle with one of like kind and quality. When your policy is issued, we’ll work with you to determine a fixed amount you will be paid in the event of a total loss, regardless of depreciation and without a deductible.

New Car Replacement -
Replaces your stolen or totaled vehicle with a comparable auto in the latest model for qualifying autos.

Cash Settlement –
Gives you the option to accept a cash settlement when the physical damage to the auto is 50% or more of the agreed value. 

Lease Gap Coverage -
If you have an existing loan or lease, a total loss won’t leave you with the out-of-pocket expenses associated with its outstanding balance. If your car is irreparable and your Agreed Value settlement doesn’t cover the full amount of the loan or lease, your policy is designed to cover the difference. 

Worldwide Coverage -
If you rent or borrow a vehicle for up to 90 days anywhere in the world, your policy covers both property and liability damage. 

Extended Transportation Expenses -
If your vehicle needs repairs following a covered loss, we’ll put you in a rental vehicle that’s of like kind and quality to your own, and we’ll have it brought to you. And if your vehicle breaks down more than 50 miles from home, this coverage can also be applied to hotel accommodations, meals and additional travel expenses.  

Original Manufacturer Replacement Parts -
If your car can be repaired, we will help ensure that repairs are performed to the highest standard. Your policy covers the full cost of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) parts, regardless of wear and tear on existing parts. 

Protection from the Uninsured -
If an uninsured driver is responsible for damage to your vehicle, your Collision coverage will apply without a deductible.

Roadside Assistance -
Covers expenses for emergency repairs, towing and associated labor expenses if your vehicle is disabled.

Lock Replacement -
Covers expenses to replace locks if keys or remote unlocking devices are lost or stolen.

Coverage Features
Mass Market Insurer
PRIZM Carriers
Agreed Value
No - Actual Cash Value is paid at time of loss
New Car Replacement
Cash Settlement
Lease Gap Coverage
Worldwide Coverage
No - Limited to U.S.
Extended Transportation Expenses
Yes – typical coverage is a per day limit with a small total limit
Yes – No per day limit, large total limit. $5k-$15k depending on carrier 
Original Manufacturer Replacement Parts
No – will use, used or aftermarket parts
Yes – only repair vehicles with OEM parts
Roadside Assistance
Yes – only pays to get you to nearest service station (15 mile limit)

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