Valuables Insurance

Valuable articles, such as jewelry, fine arts, wine, and musical instruments have limited coverage under your homeowner’s insurance. Adding a stand-alone valuable articles policy is the easiest way to ensure your covered properly.

Although the carriers Prizm works with provide the best policies in the market, coverage for specialty items like jewelry, fine arts, wine collections, and musical instruments is still limited on your homeowner’s policy. Listing these or other items on a valuable articles policy can ensure you have the proper coverage when the unexpected happens. See some key benefits of a valuable articles policy.

Coverage Highlights

Losses to Pairs and Sets - If part of a set, like a single earring, is lost or damaged, you can choose how you would like your coverage to respond. For example, you could repair or replace the lost earring, or you could keep the remaining earring and receive the difference in the pair’s value before and after the loss. Alternatively, you could choose to surrender the remaining earring and receive the scheduled value of the pair. 

Worldwide Coverage -
Your policy gives you the flexibility to travel with your pieces, as coverage extends to losses anywhere in the world

Newly Acquired Items -
Insures newly acquired items for the first 90 days of purchase automatically 

Market Value Loss Settlement –
Receive up to 150 percent of an item’s scheduled value.

Mechanical Breakdown -
Receive mechanical breakdown coverage if wine spoils due to climate system failure

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