Our car was stolen and in a high speed car chase. Prizm is the reason our assets were protected.

Posted by:
Dave Olchowka
October 15, 2022

“Are you missing something?” was the question from the police officer when they knocked on our door at our suburban home, set outside Chicago. We live in a neighborhood with new and growing families, with sprawling yards and multi-bedroom homes, with people who work in successful high-paying jobs. It’s the type of neighborhood where many of us leave our cars unlocked; bags, backpacks, and various miscellaneous items often left inside them…which is how this whole story started.

After a long day at work and then shuttling the kids around for their after-school activities, my wife parked the family car in our driveway leaving the keys inside the car…as well as her designer bag that she uses for her work computer. Because of where we live, she didn’t think much about any of these decisions at the moment as a multi-tasking, distracted mom of three  kids. We typically feel safe and protected from the usual precautions that we used to take when we lived in the city, pre-children. 

Our car was stolen right out of our driveway. But our insurance had our back.

This particular day, our typical household decisions spurred a series of events we never would have imagined.

As the police officer stood in my doorway and inquired about anything missing, I peered over his shoulder and noticed that my wife’s car was gone from our driveway. The same car where she also had left her designer bag, worth its own weight in brand name alone.

After a series of explicatives running through my head, I looked at the officer and replied, “Oh crap, my wife’s car is gone from our driveway!”

It was then that the officer confirmed that someone had stolen our car. This same vigilante and their posse then went on to steal other cars as well as rob a home. At some point the suspicious activity was noted and the police were called, which was when a high speed car chase ensued…in my wife’s car that had been parked in our driveway hours ago.

We were protected, thanks to our comprehensive insurance coverage.

And while all of this felt crazy to be hearing…and a sense of being violated crept in…I also knew that we would be protected with the coverage that we have from our insurance policies that we purchased with Prizm.

Prizm’s solutions work for people like me and my family because they are specifically made to address coverage gaps that most mainstream carriers do not offer and/or do not have as solutions. In using Prizm, I also get access to an on-demand portal in addition to having a human advisor who I can speak with for those nuanced questions we all have.

While this situation was less than ideal, Prizm’s insurance solutions had us covered and I am so grateful and thankful to know we are and will be protected against future events.

So, what was in that insurance policy of yours…? 

**In case you were wondering what coverage we had that protected us: The robust coverage for the car and home insurance policies meant we were still able to recover most of the value of the damaged and stolen articles. Additionally, the car has $2,500 in personal property coverage and the house has $10,000 of valuable articles coverage, which gave us options for replacement of the car and purse.**

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